News ? and ....Candy opera
Posted by Calle (26 Feb 2018 10:41)

Its been way to long,11 years since an unknown spring and 10 since the ocean tango,missing Louis music. Here s hoping that something soon is on its way. Music needs you as the old saying goes. Meanwhile let me recommend the unearthed recordings of Liverpools Candy Opera to all here,i think you d enjoy it. The newly released "45 revolutions per minute" on firestation records is for the most part a revelation and treasure trove of forgotten 80s sophisticated pop. Prefab Sprout,Aztec Camera and Pale Fountains, all of them is somewhere in there. At first i am put off by the lo fi vibe,these are for the most part demos, of the songs and the bit too similar vibe to previous mentioned bands but then after a couple of listens...boom ! Here is a delicious taster ;

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