Outstanding as well
Posted by Scott (9 May 2008 20:34)

Another great interview sir (and, I should say, another good interviewER). Jeff sounds like a really nice fella, and anyone who looks at "Love Will Keep Us Together" as a touchstone is as sane a person as you can find - in my book at least.

Speaking of that song....during the outro she's singing "da-da-da-daaaa / da-da-da-daaaa"...then, just at the fade out, she sneaks a line in there. You can just catch it, and I haven't been able to figure out what she says for years. It's kind of like "Touch Me" by the Doors where, at the end, they chant "Stronger than dirt" (from the old Ajax cleaner commercial). Most folks are aware of that 'hidden lyric' though...any chance you guys know what she's on about? If you do, let me know for gosh sake - I'm haunted by it.


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