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You can browse older news dating back to 2001 below.

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21 June 2006

Site update - a new playlist has been added.


6 April 2005

Site update - a new playlist has been added.


27 September 2005

Site update - a new playlist has been added at last. Apologies to all from me (the webmistress), delay was due to a very bad dose of the flu!


20 July 2005

Site update - a new playlist has been added


28 February 2005

Site update - we have added an interviews section - which features the questionnaires that were on the faq page and a new interview. Future press interviews will be added here from now on.

We also have a new section entitled "Louis's top 101" which is exactly that … all comments and messages of indignation should be posted on the board.


7 February 2005

Live date - It is now possible to book tickets for the 22-23 April London gigs direct from Bush hall, Uxbridge Road, London W12, by following this link


4 January 2005

Shop updated - Several new items have been added to the shop, some of the records on sale are rare so will be sent out on a first come first served basis.

This month's playlist has been added

Discography updated - The Wonder Of It All has been added to the discography - the page includes a new MP3 and 3 excerpts.


18 November 2004

Louis be performing in London with Stuart Moxham (ex-Young Marble Giants) at the chickfactor extravaganza on Saturday 11 December. The venue is the gorgeous Bush Hall, 310 Uxbridge Road, London W12. Tel: 020 8222 6955. Doors: 7pm, showtime 7:30. Admission: £10 per night; weekend pass £17.

You can find line-ups for the two evenings on Gail O'Hara's website www.chickfactor.com and at www.bushhallmusic.co.uk. Tickets may be purchased here

Stuart and Louis will be performing material from their duet album 'The Huddle House', which they started recording in 1997 (!) and will finish mixing in December of this year. Expect to hear a few Young Marble Giants and The Gist classics too.

'The Wonder Of It All' has now been mastered, and will be on its way to subscribers soon (along with a bonus CD). There's still time to become a subscriber to the new album and obtain the new album before it's available in the shops, signed by Louis, along with the bonus CD which will not be available elsewhere.

Louis, Danny, and Jonathan Coe performed in The Hague, Netherlands on 12th November as part of the "Crossing Border" literary/musical festival. The gig was very well-received, and some more European jaunts are planned.


18 September 2004

Recording of 'The Wonder Of It All' - A brief update on what's been happening at Regal Lane Studio, where Louis is currently working with Ken Brake on his next album, 'The Wonder Of It All'.

This week should see the completion of all the rhythm tracks: Danny Manners has managed to find space in the recording booth for his double bass (not easy, that) and put down all his parts bar one, whilst drummer Andy Lymn will follow suit midweek. A couple more visits are planned, including that of Sean O'Hagan before the end of the month. The High Llamas head honcho has promised to bring his banjo along.

Nineteen tracks had be programmed for recording, of which fourteen should make the final cut (some of the outtakes will figure on the subscription-only version of the album, which we can confirm will be available no later than the end of November, and probably a few weeks before that). All of them are originals written by Louis himself, with the exception of the title track, to which novelist Jonathan Coe contributed most of the lyrics.

Almost all the guitar, keyboard, percussion and lead vocals are now in the can, and a lot of progress has been made on the backing vocals as well over the last few days: you can expect one of the most developed LP albums in that regard since Jean Renoir.

The provisional tracklist runs as follows: 'I Knew It All Along', 'The Wonder Of It All'; 'Life's Unhurried Prose'; If That Is Youth'; Songs Like These'; 'I Picked A Flower In Ispahan'; 'This Puzzle Of Mine'; 'When You Retire Into Winter'; My England'; 'Just Do What You Used To Do'; 'An Ordinary Street'; 'A Wiser Fool'; 'Soul Coat'; and 'Pictures of Anna'.

Live Performance - A reading by Jonathan Coe in The Hague (Nethelands) accompanied by a musical performance by Louis and Danny Manners will take place Friday 12 November 2004, and is organised by the Cross/Border festival.


29 August 2004

You now have the opportunity to pre-order Louis's forthcoming album through the SUNSHINE web site. This offer is exclusive to our visitors and subscribers.

A secure payment facility has been added to the site (using PayPal), which will enable you - wherever you are - to get the limited edition of this new album, featuring many tracks (outtakes, demos, rarities) that will be unavailable on the 'official' release and have never been - nor will be - offered as MP3 downloads on SUNSHINE.

Other items will be available to purchase from SUNSHINE in due course.


16 July 2004

Site update - a demo track (The Wonder of it All) from the soon to be new album is available for download.

A new playlist has also been added.


14 June 2004

Site update - a new playlist is up.


23 March 2004

Site update - this month's playlist is up.


16 February 2004

Site update - this month's playlist is up.


9 January 2004 - Happy New Year!

Site udate - after a prolonged break, a new playlist is up.


20 August 2003

Site update - this month's playlist is up - an eclectic selection for sunshine island listening....


17 August 2003

Louis will be absent from the message board for 2 weeks whilst he relaxes in the greek sunshine... please keep posting


14 August 2003

Studio news - Louis was back in the studio for two different projects over the past three weeks. First, to record the incidental music to the dramatisation of Jonathan Coe's best-seller "the Rotters' Club", which will be broadcast on BBC4 in early November. Part of the job consisted in recreating the disastrous rehearsal of Benjamin Trotter's (the book's hero) band, which Louis did with the help of Jonathan himself... The band's name - Gandalf's Pikestaff - should give you an indication of the decidedly un-Louis flavour of the music...

A few days later, Louis and Sean O'Hagan got together to record the first backings of the album they will eventually complete with the help of Bertrand Burgalat. A total of six tunes (four songs, two intrumentals, written in equal parts by Louis and the High Llamas frontman) were recorded, to which BB will now add his contribution in his Paris studio, before submitting to the London pair his own compositions. No date has been fixed yet for the completion of this ping-pong project, which had been in the making for over three years. Rough mixes of these sessions will be available as MP3's on Sunshine in early September.


7 August 2003

Site update - Apologies for the delay: Louis's June/July playlist is now up

For those of you with slower connections, we've moved previous playlists to an archive page. If you missed it when it was posted to the message board, the May playlist is here.


11th May 2003

Site update - the April playlist is here...


3rd April 2003

Album news - My Favourite Part of You the record is in the shops both in France and in Germany... and will also be available in Scandinavia and Canada in the next 3 weeks... it is also available on the UK Amazon site.

Site update - March playlist is up...

Two new interviews have been added


5th March 2003

Site update - a little bit late, but Louis's February playlist is here ...


27th January 2003

Site update - the January playlist has been added ...

Album release - A release date has just been given for My Favourite Part of You. Thank God for that. My new album will be in the shops on March the 25th 2003, and THAT IS DEFINITE. We have added a new MP3 track from the album to celebrate this long awaited news!


31st December 2002

Site update - the December playlist has been added ...

Sunshine wishes all of you a happy and musically satisfying 2003.


19th October 2002

Site update - the November playlist has been added ...


24th October 2002

Site update - My Favourite Part of You has been added to the discography... further details on the release of this album will be added as we have them

New pictures have been added to the photo gallery


17th October 2002

Site update - The October playlist is up ...

Album release - My Favourite Part of You will DEFINITELY be released in January 2003 throughout Europe. List of distributors to follow!

Other news... Martin Newell's The Off-White album which Louis produced, and on which he played guitar, piano, keys, and sung, and made tea,will be re-released in November by Cherry Red, with new liner notes by Louis.


15th September 2002

Site update - Louis is back from holiday with September's playlist.


25 August 2002

Album Release - My Favourite Part of You was mastered in Paris at the end of
last month, including re-mixes of two of the album's tracks, Cicely and Big Bear; as the artwork was completed in record time by Louis and Jim Phelan of Exotica , a September release in Europe is still very much on the cards.

There is no plan to release the new CD domestically in Japan for the moment, even though the interest in Louis's music is higher than at any other time there - no less than three compilations featuring his music will be released by Japanese labels in the autumn - more details to follow.

Talking about new releases, the catalogue number of 9th and 13th on L'Appareil Photo is bis 22, and the record is credited to "Louis Philippe & Danny Manners" rather than Jonathan Coe... Apparently, Japan is one of the few countries where Jon's books have not yet been translated. And look out for an eerie version of The Beatles's I'm Only Sleeping by Louis on a S.H.A.D.O. Records compilation just out in Italy (The Men From O.R.G.A.N, cat.no. SUBO 15). Louis recorded it on his own during a break in the Azure sessions - pure Farfisa heaven!

On the "live" front, Jonathan Coe and Danny will perform a short set in Paris on the 15th of September (to be confirmed as at the moment both Jonathan and Danny are rather exhausted), and it is likely Louis himself will follow suit to mark My Faviourite Part Of You's release shortly afterwards, health permitting.


22 July 2002

Album Release - Richard Preston and I have just put the finishing touches to My Favourite Part of You (a couple of re-mixes) and we'll be mastering the new album later this month, in Paris. We're still on course for a September release on XIII bis Records, provided Jim Phelan of Exotica and myself can get the artwork ready within the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed...


29 June 2002

Site update - This month's playlist has been added.


May 2002

30 May - Album Release - A little piece of info which will be of great interest to our American visitors: XIII Bis Records is about to clinch a distribution deal with a major independent label in the US. It now seems that My Favourite Part of You will have a stateside release after all!

28 May - Album release - My Favourite Part of You will be released in September through XIIIbis Records - now official! The deal struck between Louis and the Parisian label does not just cover his new album, but a large part of his back catalogue too, which means that many albums which were either unavailable or near-impossible to find will be re-released over the next 12 months, including a selection of rarities,outtakes and the like. Unfortunately, no progress has been made on the US front.

Better news for 9th and 13th, which is now distributed in the UK, and has been licensed to L'Appareil-Photo in Japan.

28 May - Site update - May's playlist has been added. New sections and tracks have been added to the MP3 page.


April 2002

24 April - Warwick update - due to unforeseen circumstances Louis will not be performing in Warwick this evening. However, Jonathan Coe and Danny Manners will still be performing and it should be a cracking evening.

19 April - Live date - Louis, Jonathan Coe and Danny Manners will be performing 9th & 13th on Wednesday 24th April at Warwick Arts Centre in the Midlands, England (the centre is located on the Warwick University Campus). The performance starts at 7.15pm - tickets are £4.50 (£3 concessions) - you can contact the box office on 024 7652 4524 or email them for further details.

19 April - Album release - to answer the question: what's going on with My Favourite Part of You?, the contract with XIIIbis HAS BEEN FINALISED. The mastering will take place in May in Paris, by which time we'll have a definite date of release. The album will be available in every single European country (I'm told). Sorry it's taken that long. We'll keep you updated with further details as we receive them.

19 April - Site updates - April's playlist is up. Also, some wonderful photographs of the recent 9th & 13th Paris gig have been added to the photo gallery...

9 April - Live date - Louis, Jonathan Coe and Danny Manners will be performing 9th & 13th on Wednesday 24th April at Warwick Arts Centre in the Midlands, England (the centre is located on the Warwick University Campus). The performance starts at 7.15pm - tickets are £4.50 (£3 concessions) - you can contact the box office on 024 7652 4524 or email them for further details.

9 April - Album release - to answer the question: what's going on with My Favourite Part of You?, the contract with XIIIbis HAS BEEN FINALISED. The mastering will take place in May in Paris, by which time we'll have a definite date of release. The album will be available in every single European country (I'm told). Sorry it's taken that long. We'll keep you updated with further details as we receive them.

9 April - Site updates - April's playlist is up. Also, some wonderful photographs of the recent 9th & 13th Paris gig have been added to the photo gallery.


March 2002

25 March - Site update - this month's playlist has been added

golden web award 

18 March - Sunshine is the happy recipient of a Golden Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. We'd like to thank all our users for their support of Sunshine.

18 March - tickets for the preview performance of 9th & 13th can be purchased in advance from the venue (in person), or on the door. The Great Eastern Hotel is at 40 Liverpool Street, London EC2. The event is called "Electric Stew" - tickets cost £15 in advance or £20 on the night. Jonathan/Louis/Danny will be performing a 30 minute set at 11pm.

Tickets also available from Dispensary: 9 Newburgh St W1; Beggars Banquet: 20 Putney High St, SW15; Wink: 105 Great Eastern St, EC2.

9 March - Live Date - A preview performance of 9th & 13th with Jonathan Coe, Louis & Danny Manners will take place on 23 March 2002, at The Great Eastern Hotel, London. The event starts at 9pm - Jonathan, Louis and Danny are on at 11pm. Tickets in advance or on the door. Nearest tube Liverpool Street.

9 March - Album release - 9th & 13th released in France - available to buy online now at the French Amazon.com site. Will be distributed in the UK by Pinnacle from May 20 2002.


February 2002

28 Feb - Live Date - a Jonathan Coe-Louis-Danny gig will take place on Saturday the 30th of March at La Maroquinerie, Paris, France - further dates will shortly be announced for gigs in Warwick University - UK, London - UK and Rome - Italy.

28 Feb - Site update - after so many of you requested it - Louis's collaborations with other artists has been added to the discography...

27 Feb - Site update - The February playlist - surf's up...

Downloads - 5 new MP3s added...


January 2002

17 Jan - Site update - Louis's January playlist - an eclectic mix this month...

17 Jan - Discography - production credits have been added for Azure, Nusch, Jackie Girl, Sunshine, Delta Kiss, Jean Renoir, Rainfall,Yuri Gagarin, Ivory Tower and Appointment with Venus.

14 Jan - Site update - Lyrics have been added for Delta Kiss, Jean Renoir, and Nusch.

10 Jan - Site update - Lyrics have been added for Yuri Gagarin, Jackie Girl and Rainfall. More to come soon...

6 Jan - Live Date - Louis Philippe will perform on the 22nd of February at "La Poudriere" in Belfort (Eastern France). Louis - accompanied by Danny Manners on piano - has been invited to the venue's "Songwriter's weekend" and will share the bill with Bristol-based Morning Star. Tickets will be available at the venue, whose doors will open at 20:30.

Louis and Danny will perform a 1-hour show featuring songs old and new, including some from his forthcoming album, My Favourite Part of You. How to get there? Board a train from the Gare de l'Est in Paris...The journey is long (4 hours) - but should be worth it.


December 2001

17 Dec - Site update - Louis's playlist for December with a distinctly latin feel... Louis answers the Chickfactor questionnaire...


November 2001

27 Nov - Site update - details for the forthcoming Jonathan Coe/Louis Philippe/Danny Manners album, 9th & 13th have been added to the discography. You can also listen/download Somniloquy from this album.

19 Nov - Site update - Lyrics have been added for Azure and Sunshine. More will follow over the next few weeks...

13 Nov - The big news - apart from the re-launch of this site - is that Louis has now completed his first album of original songs since Azure, which was released over two years ago. Provisionally entitled My Favourite Part of You, this new record - entirely sung in English - consists of 11 tracks(*see below) which were recorded in a little over two weeks in the summer at Louis's pet studio, the Sound Suite in Camden.

* My Favourite Part of You; Ruby Blue; True Love; Seven Years; A face in the Crowd; I Need It; Cicely; Great Bear; Before the Rain; Boxing Clever; Lucia

The usual suspects had gathered in NW1 to flesh out Louis's arrangements: Danny Manners, of course, who left his double-bass at home to concentrate on piano and keyboard parts; David Longdon (acoustic guitar & backing vocals); Andy Lymn (drums); Dave Gregory (electric guitar); the Covent Garden String Ensemble - an octet on this occasion; Count Indigo, Sean O'Hagan and Cathal Coughlan (backing vocals); Bosco de Oliveira (percussion); Paul Jayasinha (flugelhorn) and Martin Owen (french horn). The only newcomer was John McKenzie on the electric bass, a veteran of Bob Dylan tours and too many sessions to mention. Richard Preston took care of the desk, as has always been the case since his reunion with Louis four years ago - Richard was of course the "house producer" on 99% of the él releases...

So when and how will it be available? In the new year, probably through this site first! And what does it sound like? Expect a poppy album, Azure minus the symphony orchestra, with probably the best ensemble playing on any Louis Philippe record so far. My Favourite Part of You sounds tight, quite groovy in places, with many memorable melodies (Seven Years is a favourite of Bertrand Burgalat), and a sense of focus which is unmatched on any other of Louis's releases bar - perhaps - Rainfall. This new album is also notable for another step in the Louis Philippe/Jonathan Coe collaboration. Novelist Jonathan Coe, author of The House of Sleep, What a Carve-up! and The Rotters' Club, has of course been a big fan of Louis since the very beginning, and penned 3 of the album's 11 lyrics: Seven Years, Great Bear and Before the Rain...to which Louis replied by making one of the Rotters' Club's heroines the subject of one of his own songs, Cicely. For more on this incestuous relationship, pay a visit to the Tricatel website , which will release (January/February 2002 - France/UK) another Louis/Jonathan Coe/Danny Manners album, 9th & 13th - a collection of musical settings of Coe's texts, plus some specially re-recorded Louis Philippe songs selected by the novelist for their serendipitous thematic kinship with his own oeuvre...

On the gig side, after a sold-out appearance at the Spitz, London, last spring, Louis is planning a return match in the same venue in the months to come. French fans, and anyone who fancies a trip to Paris, should note that a special gig (Poulenc melodies, Coe readings and a couple of surprises) is planned for mid-Febuary ay the Cite de la Musique, to coincide with the release of 9th & 13th by Tricatel. Another gig could take place at the same time in Brussels...

Since we last met: Hotel Dyonisos, a classical guitar instrumental taken from the Sunshine album was chosen by HSBC bank to provide a bit of weltschmerz to one of its ads on UK television...Louis also penned the title music for two Channel 4 programmes, Millennium Minds and Dumb and Dumber...

Other releases: Louis contributes his own version of Viens (a song he'd written for Leila Amezian's Initial album) to the Soiree Cocktail compilation, a collection of bossa-influenced tunes first put out by les Disques Aquatic in France, then by l'Appareil-Photo in Japan (cat. no. bis 09)...A very spaced-out (and very successful) version of I'm Only Sleeping (yes, the John Lennon song) will be included in a soon-to-be released compilation devised by Italian label S.H.A.D.O. Records...This news section will soon be updated with details of a couple of albums by HaLo (a young Japanese singer who assembled an incredible cast of collaborators for these projects) that Louis has had a big hand in making - contributing two original songs and half-a-dozen arrangements to these efforts, entitled Blue and Yellow. Watch this space.

11 Nov - Welcome back to Sunshine - Some of you rightly wondered what had happened to me since...since far too long ago. Not mentioning SUNSHINE, which I now realise has been in suspended animation for over a year, despite repeated pleas from its visitors, and reassurances from your truly. I wish I could provide an answer to that, but I can't. Time flew. I lost two years' worth of work when a box containing every single one of my scores - including full orchestral arrangements of new songs - got lost in...in where? Any idea? So it was back to square one. A new piano was delivered and proudly displayed in my dining-room, and other tunes started taking shape, the tunes we've just finished recording and which you can read more about in the news section below. But I never intended to go away, as the re-launch of this site is proof. Welcome back. Louis Philippe (November 2001)

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