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Welcome to the (almost complete) Louis Philippe discography. We've tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but can't promise to have covered every single release...

Louis Philippe tracks have appeared on so many compilations over the years that we have only mentioned those collections which include material unavailable elsewhere. More information will be added to the entries as and when, and forgive us if some of the references have gone MIA. A case in mind is the Brazil-only London Pavilion compilation: no-one seems to remember under which title it was released, let alone its catalogue number or track-listing. The same goes for the extremely mysterious Cavaliere Servente album (Italy only), of which only one copy seems to have reached these shores. The message board is a good place to ask if you need help tracking something down.
Good read. And good luck.

We have also included details of those releases in which Louis was involved as writer/arranger/producer/guitarist/backing vocalist/you name it; you can find these delights here.

After many requests, we have added lyrics on each album page - a long job, so keep checking back... lyrics for Azure, Nusch, Jackie Girl, Sunshine, Delta Kiss, Jean Renoir, Rainfall and Yuri Gagarin are currently available.

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