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Appointment with Venus (July 1986) - él/Cherry Red Acme 5/5 CD
appointment with venus cover image Track list: La Pluie Fait des Claquettes/Man Down The Stairs/When I'm An Astronaut/We Live On An Island/The Orchard/Heaven Is Above My Head/Rescue The Titanic/ Touch Of Evil/Ballad Of Sophie Scholl/Angelica My Love/I Will/Eldorado Tales/Aperitivo/Fires Rise And Die; CD Bonus Tracks: If You're Missing Someone/Sirens Call

Recorded at the Padded Cell with Ray Hedges at the desk; Nick Currie (Momus) guests on vocals, recorder and guitar on Angelica My Love, When I'm An Astronaut and (CD only) If You're Missing Someone. First of Louis's albums to feature a strings section. In 1987,was licensed to Japan with different tracks (and track order) under the title of Passport To The Pogie Mountains.

Featured Musicians: Louis Philippe (lead vocals); Simon & Mary (additional vocals); The Duke of Speedwell (piano); Ronald (saxophones); Geoff (sticks & brushes)

Production: Produced by Louis; recorded at Padded Cell.

Listen to/download If You're Missing Someone from this album

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