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Simultaneous Ice Cream (1999) - Siesta 90 (Reverie Two)
simultaneous ice cream cover image

Track list: Sunshine Day - Mrs. Bluebird/Lollipop Train - Teenage Trifle*/Mild Euphoria - World of Make-believe*/Maria Napoleon - Viva la Muerte/Monday Sinclair - Love is a Rainy Day Sunday/Lollipop Train - Poprpoise Song/Sunshine Day - Peter Pan*/Monday Sinclair - Would You Like to Go/Lollipop Train - Fun Food Factory*/Mild Euphoria - Lunchbox*/Sunshine Day - I Live For The Sun/Maria Napoleon - Think of Rain

A sunshine children's fantasy produced by Richard Preston & Louis Philippe.

All tracks marked * are original Louis Philippe compositions.

The team that had produced Algebra Spaghetti and Songs for the Jet Set, Vol. 2 was reunited in the summer of 1999 for this Mike Alway-inspired project. Louis wrote 5 new tunes, arranged the lot and played more or less everything on the whole album, a panorama of "children's psychedelia" as it somehow exists in Mr. Alway's mind. King of Luxembourg fans will notice the presence amongst the vocalists of one Simon Turner (aka Monday Sinclair, one of the more debonair of his numerous incarnations). Louis had a bit more say in the final selection of tracks, which explains the presence of a cover of one of his all-time favourite singles, Mrs. Bluebird by Eternity's Children, which Konichi of Pizzicato 5 had played to him 12 years before in Tokyo. Many of the basic tracks were recorded at Arnos Grove studio, the property of Greek-Anglo-Irish bouzouki wizard George Hadjineophytou, who plays the mean mandola line that opens Porpoise Song (originally by the Monkees) as well as a variety of strange-looking plucked intruments on the record. Richard Preston then took over the production and mixing at Camden's Sound Suite studio, which has become a home from home for Louis and him over the past 3 years.

Listen to/download Mrs Bluebird from this album

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