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Passport to the Pogie Mountains (July 1987) - VAP 85602-32
passport to the pogie mountains cover image  

Passport To The Pogie Mountains
was released by VAP Records in Japan in July 1987 under catalogue number 85602-32, three months before the historic visit of the él stable to Tokyo...Though most of its material stems from the Appointment With Venus LP/CD (Él Acme 5), collectors will note the presence of some extra tracks which had either been singles - You Mary You, Anthony Bay and Like Nobody Do - or had laid idle in Louis's drawers: his demo of The Rubens Room, later recorded by the King of Luxemburg on his Royal Bastard album, and Boomerang, an instrumental track composed for the Spanish television station TV3, and which never appeared anywhere else...

Passport To The Pogie Mountains was also released on vinyl at the time, both in Japan and...in Spain, where it acquired the title Passport to Pampelona (on the Grabacciones Accidendales label)! Both these records are now exceedingly rare and fetch very high prices in specialist shops...The booklet features photostats of the original lyrics sheets to all 15 songs, as well as a splendid picture of Louis-as-turn-of-the-century-anarchist shot by none other than Nick Wesolowski, previously drummer-in-chief to Bid and his Monochrome Set. Boomerang was recorded in what was then "Rooster 2", and subjected to a rather savage treatment by Simon Turner who just happened to be around at the time...Re-titled Ron Waits For No-One, this alternative version still lies in a vault somewhere, as does Louis's rather bizarre adaptation of Heitor Villa-Lobos' Etude No.3, recorded at the same session and which has gathered dust ever since.

Listen to/download You Mary You from this album

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