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For other compilations, please see . . .
Claret - The Best of Louis Philippe
Let's Pretend - The Complete Arcadians recordings, 1985-86
A Kiss in the Funhouse - USA version
A Kiss in the Funhouse - French version

Peace on Earth (1989)
Face International/Pony Canyon PCCY-00040

A Christmas "wallpaper music" compilation, which was accompanied by a feature-length video. Louis's contribution was a Glenn Miller-ish instrumental entitled Northern Star featuring woodwinds virtuoso David Bitelli.

Fab Gear (1991) - Polystar PSCR-1016

A Japan-only compilation which marked the beginning of Louis's relationship with Polystar Records. Louis acted as executive producer for this project and drafted in artists such as Martyn Bates, Momus and Edwyn Collins, contributing (with Dean Brodrick) a 9-minute extravaganza called Sleep, complete with oud, bouzouki, clarinet and TWO drummers.

Bend It! 91 (1991) - Exotica pele 1cd

The first of the marvellous series of football-related records devised by Mike Alway and Jim Phelan from Jim's office in South London. Louis procured many of the tracks on this album through his research in the BBC sound archives, as well as an anthem to his boyhood soccer hero, Portuguese striker Eusebio...Title of the song, Eusebio, of course. This track PLUS Carioca (which surfaced on the Bend It! 93 collection as well as on Sunshine) was re-released in America on Harp Records' Bend it! World Cup 1994 (harp 13) three years later.

Amen (1992) - Cherry Red/Richmond Monde 1CD

As its title indicates a bit too clearly, this compilation was intended to serve as the last rites to a label that had already been defunct for 3 years. Perversely, Michael Alway asked Louis to record a cover of My Cherie Amour (yes, the Stevie Wonder hit), which he did. Add to that the original demo to You Mary You and a short spoken piece, Talking Truffles, and that's it.

Humbuggery (1994) - Humbug BAH13

This Humbug sampler rescued one of the very best tracks from the Sunshine sessions, Bali Lied, which Louis and Bertrand Burgalat still regret not having included on the album itself. Humbuggery was licensed to Midi records in Japan (MDCP-4039).

The World Shines Brightly (1994)
Polystar PSCR-5340 (Trattoria menu.48)

A cosmopolitan collection, featuring Eggstone and La Buena Vida as well as Louis, who chipped in with yet another Sunshine out-take, Xmas Sun, also released as a 7" single by Nessie in France.

L'Hiver Te Va Bien (1994)

WMD 309/Wotre Music 123105

French promo CD single, featuring a different mix of the Sunshine track (more prominent vocals) as well as a stunning vocal/piano arrangement of Ainsi Va Sa Vie by former Marlene Dietrich musical director William Blezard, unavailable anywhere else.

Cantona - The Album (1995) - Exotica pele 10cd

How could Louis fail to write a song about French maverick football star Eric Cantona? The result (written, recorded and mixed in one day) was the psychedelic and politically-incorrect Be Like Eric, Do The Frog. Eric's own reaction to the song is not known. Also available on cassette (pele 10c).

Dream Topping (1995) - Richmond Monde 21cd

"An él retrospective/Introduction to If"...or so it was to be. Michael Alway intended to present his new acts (and new label, If) in the unforgiving light of some of the best stuff released on él. The result is 1995's answer to the classic "London Pavilion" compilation. A must. Louis is represented by the rather lovely demo to Martine (the Sunshine track), which Mike still prefers to the recorded version.

I Still Believe In You (1996)
Polystar PSCR-5465 (trattoria menu.89)

La Pluie Fait Des Claquettes/Sorry/You Mary You/Delta Kiss/Lolita's Back In Town/Like Nobody Do/A Paris/When The Party's Over/With All Our Loving/Lazy English Sun/Mad Mad World/I Just Wasn't Made For These Times/This Picture's Nailed In My Heart/Farewell Maria/Little Pad/Nowhere Square/When Will You Be Back/Guess I'm Dumb/From Season To Season/Every Word Meant Goodbye

A "Best Of" covering all of Louis's career, from the original Border Boys' Tribute EP to (but not including) Jackie Girl. The tracks were chosen by Japanese pop star Cornelius, a lifelong fan. The Border Boys' tracks have never been released on CD before.

Without The Beatles (1996) - Jarmusic (Germany) JAR015

17-track compilation initiated by Joachim Rheinbold (29439 Luchow -Jabel 6, Germany), to which Louis contributed a jazzed-up version of Think For Yourself (the George Harrison tune) under the moniker of "The Out-of-Towners". This collection also features a surrealistically accurate cover of I'm The Walrus by Colin's Hermits - actually Dave Gregory of XTC...

Trattoria Menu 100 (1996)
Polystar PSCR-9103-9105

Totally insane hyper-luxurious commemorative quadruple album (1 vinyl LP, 3 CD's) put together by Trattoria to celebrate its 100th release - which it is! Contains full set of playing cards/portraits of the Trattoria artists, a torrent of sleeve notes and many previously unreleased tracks. In Louis's case, this means a 'live' version of Domenica (from Ivory Tower), recorded in Tokyo during his 1991 Japanese tour.

Georgie - The Best Album (1997)
Exotica pele 13cd

The latest of Exotica's homages to great footballers, this collage of actualities and songs old and new features Louis at his most nostalgic on a wistful ballad in 6/8 entitled When Georgie Died, which he recorded at Ken Brake's Fag Studios. By far the best of all of Exotica's releases, this album received universal critical acclaim - even the NME could not resist give it a 9/10, and THAT is saying something.

Acido, Numero 1 (1997) - Acido ACI-001

A Spain-only compilation, kind of "Best Of The Indie Labels", which, naturally, features Siesta - and Louis, who is represented by Venus, one of the tracks from Jackie Girl.

Comme Un Seul Homme (1997)
France - Lithium/Virgin 7243 8454862 9

A charity record with a twist: all the artists taking part in this project were required to form musical couples...which meant that Louis teamed up with ex-Young Marble Giant Stuart Moxham for a cover of his Love At First Sight - but in the French version popularised by Etienne Daho!!! Other performers of note on this compilation: Katerine, Pascal Comelade, Dominique A., Pierre Barouh, etc. This album was conceived by Fabrice Ponthier with the aim of raising cash for ADOT, an organisation devoted to the promotion of organ transplants.

A Tribute To Antonio Carlos Jobim (1997)
France - XIII bis Records 177192 MU 659

Another Louis Philippe duet - this time with High Llama Sean O'Hagan - which is unavailable anywhere else. Louis and Sean play all instruments and sing all parts in a thoroughly enjoyable version of So Danco Samba, complete with 5-part vocal harmonies and Moog squeals and bubbles. The said album also features a ravishing version of If You Never Come To Me by Bertrand Burgalat, and tracks by the likes of Pizzicato 5 and Cloudberry Jam.

Expreso (1998) - Spain - Siesta 60 CD & Vinyl

Another Siesta collection, which also features Free Design, La Buena Vida, Arabesque, etc...and Laila's Amezian's Singapore (written & produced by Louis) and another extract from Jackie Girl, Le Voyageur. But collectors should try and get the pink vinyl 10" (si senor!) to which Louis contributed a previously unreleased version of Azure, one of the star tracks from his 1998 album. This version is unavailable anywhere else - a complete solo effort, recorded at Ken Brake's Fag Studios.

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