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Louis Philippe Live (2007) - Wonder Records Β
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Listen to/download Soul Coat and Down By The Riverbank from this album

Track list:
DISC 1 – BREMEN (Sendesaal): True Love/Il ne reste plus rien de l'été/The Rubens Room/The Wonder of it All/Before the Rain/C'est le joli printemps/Fires Rise and Die/Soul Coat/The Captain's Apprentice/Ripples on the River/Life's Unhurried Prose/Les Chemins de l'amour
Bonus tracks - Radio 4 Bremen sessions: Il ne reste plus rien de l'été/True Love/I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

DISC 2 – LONDON (Bush Hall): Introduction by Bertrand Burgalat/La Pluie fait des claquettes/Il ne reste plus rien de l'été/I Picked a Flower in Ispahan/I Just Wasn't Made for These Times/If You're Missing Someone/Martine/When Georgie Died/ The Wonder of it All/The Captain's Apprentice/L'Aventure/
Nightingales/Life's Unhurried Prose
Bonus Tracks - Bush Hall, alt. versions: Nightingales/Life's Unhurried Prose/My Favourite Part of You (encore)
Bonus tracks – The Spitz: Down by the Riverbank/Twangy Twangy

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Hardly any live performances of Louis have been committed to disc over the two decades of his career, an exception being a version of ‘Domenica’ featured on Trattoria’s luxurious ‘No. 100’ commemoration box-set. And as he’s never been the world’s most intensive gigger, many fans have very little idea of how his ‘baroque pop’ can sound in a concert hall or a club environment. This double-album provides as faithful a picture as could be hoped of what most of them have missed over the years. Recorded two years ago in Bremen and London (together with a couple of tracks taken from an earlier, and noisier gig at the Spitz, London), this collection shows Louis’ delicate songs (as well as some Francis Poulenc mélodies, and superb covers of Brian Wilson’s ‘I Wasn’t Made for these Times’ and Paddy McAloon’s sublime ‘Nightingales’) in a quasi-chamber setting, accompanied by the piano and double-bass of Danny Manners, as well as the guitar and the flute of David Longdon in the case of the ‘Bush Hall’ disc. Three performances in total were (beautifully) recorded, out of which this selection was made, which covers songs written by Louis from his él days to his then latest album, ‘The Wonder of it all’. As luck had it, these three performances, judging by fans’ reactions, and Louis’ own assessment, were among the very best he’d ever given.

Featured Musicians: in Bremen: Louis (vocals, guitar, melodica), Danny Manners (piano, keyboards, double bass, backing vocals), augmented by David Longdon  (guitar, flute, backing vocals) in London. The band for the Spitz tracks was: Louis, Danny, David, plus Andy Lymn (drums) and Dave Gregory (electric guitar).

Production: The Bremen performance was recorded and broadcast by Radio 4 Bremen; the London gigs were taped by Ken  Brake.

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