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A Kiss in the Funhouse (1999) - Le Grand Magistery HRH009
a kiss in the funhouse cover image USA Track list: A Kiss In The Funhouse (*)/She Means Everything To Me (JG)/Only A Fool (S)/Rafaella (S)/Every Day Gone By (JG)/Boy (DK)/Lazy English Sun (S)/Bus #13 (S-Japan only)/Ripples On The River (S)/Don't Blame It On The Summer (*)/L'Hiver Te Va Bien (S)/Martine (S)/Le Voyageur (JG)/Ainsi Va Sa Vie (S)/La Pointe Du Jour (JG)/Bali Lied (*)/Carioca (S)/Sunshine (S)/Sweet Dollar Bill (JG)/Jealous (DK)/Sirens Call (R)/Heaven (S-Japan only)/The Girl In The Attic (JG) - Total duration: 74 minutes

A Kiss In The Funhouse is the first Louis Philippe album to be released in America. This exclusive compilation includes some of the greatest and rare moments from his post-él recordings. The tracks on this introduction into the wonderful world of Louis Philippe were carefully selected and arranged by Louis himself and Matthew Jacobson of Le Grand Magistery. Nearly two years after Matt and Louis agreed on launching this 23-track compilation in the USA, A Kiss In The Funhouse (hello Sasha!) became widely available stateside - garnering some splendid reviews and very encouraging airplay on campus radio stations; She Means Everything To Me (the "hit" from Jackie Girl) seems to be the broadcasters' favourite, the perfect torchbearer for a collection that leans more towards Louis's "pure-Pop" sensibility, while giving some space to his more introspective material. The songs were picked from the albums Rainfall, Delta Kiss, Sunshine and Jackie Girl - plus a handful of tracks that had laid undisturbed for a few years...A French version was later released by XIIIbis with a different track order. Here's the original American tracklist. The songs' provenance is indicated thus: R = Rainfall; DK = Delta Kiss; S = Sunshine; JG = Jackie Girl; (*) = previously unreleased.

Featured Musicians: Louis Philippe (lead & backing vocals, guitars, piano & keyboards); Danny Manners (bass, double bas, piano & keyboards); Bertrand Burgalat (bas, guitar, piano, drums & keyboards); Dean Broderick (piano); Dave Gregory (electric guitar); Richard Bolton (electric guitar); David Longdon (guitars, flute & backing vocals); Anthony Adverse (backing vocals); Mat Fox (dulcimer); Glen Fox, Steve Noble, Hussein Badreldin, Mamoudi Kamara, Ritchie Thomas (drums & percussion); Chris Batchelor, Paul Jayasinha, Syd Gauld (trumpets & flugelhorn); Dennis Rollins, Mark Bassey, Paul Taylor (trombones); Pip Eastop, Martin Owen (french horn); Mike Williams (soprano saxophone)

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