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Jean Renoir (1992) - Polystar PSCR-1054
jean renoir cover image

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Track list: Une Ile/Lazy English Sun/True Men/Hunters/Tout Bas/Nowhere Square/So Long, Sailor/Vicky Page/An American Friend/Une Ile (Greenwich Tunnel Secret Choir)

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The second - and last - of the Louis/Dean collaborations, recorded at The Sound Suite, Camden, and Momentum Studios in March and April 1992, and mixed at Hear No Evil immediately afterwards. Jean Renoir carries on where Rainfall stopped, featuring ever more complex vocal work and a growing use of sampling and computers. Ex-Microdisney singer Cathal Coughlan shares the vocal lead with Louis on two of the album's highlights, True Men and Hunters. Vicky Page is in more ways than one the conclusion to The Red Shoes, the album that Louis had written for Anthony Adverse some 5 years previously...cinema is actually the link between most of the songs on the album, from the self-explanatory Jean Renoir to the epic An American Friend, which was inspired by John Ford's The Searchers. Fans of Danny Manners' work should take note that it is he who arranged so beautifully the a cappella version of Tout Bas ("Speak Low"), the Kurt Weill/Ogden Nash classic from Venus in Town.

Featured Musicians: Louis Philippe (lead & backing vocals); Dean Brodrick (backing vocals, melodica, keyboards & accordion); Daniel Manners (double bass); Ric Bolton (guitars); Glenn Fox (percussion); Cathal Coghlan (guest vocalist); Martyn Bates (guest vocalist)

Production: Arranged and Produced by Louis & Dean; Tout Bas arranged by Daniel Manners; Engineer & Programmer - Marvin Slack; Recorded at the Sound Suite, Camden, London and Momentum, Parson's Green, London; Mixed at Hear No Evil, London; Mastered by Masao Nakazail, Onkio Haus; Artwork by Louis and Jacques Le Loup of Exotica; Photographs of Louis and Dean by Patrick Messina; Additional Photography by Jim Phelan.

This album was also released along with Rainfall as 2 album CD - Cherry Red Records, CDMRED 162

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