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Ivory Tower (November 1988) - él/Cherry Red ACME 15/15CD
ivory tower cover image Track list: Side A: Guess I'm Dumb/Chocolate Soldiers/Domenica/Anna(*)/Sixteen/Mindreader/Ulysses & the Siren (*); Side B: Monsieur Leduc/All Stands Still/Smash Hit Wonder/Sleep Angry Beauty(*)/Night Talk/Ivory Tower/Every Word Meant Goodbye; CD Bonus Tracks: Hot Summer Evenings(*)/Cantilena/House of 1,000 Windows/Endless September(*)/Cavaliere Servente/Perfume(*)/Simon Bolivar Airport.

An album with a very complicated history...All the tracks marked with (*) were produced by Richard Preston during a 2-week session at Elephant Studios in Wapping. Dissatisfied with the result, Michael Alway put Louis back in the studio on his own with Dean Brodrick and a variety of other musicians (incl. the Monochrome Set drummer Nick Wesolowski), this time at the Works, a small 16-track facility in Chiswick. The result was Louis's best-selling él album, which includes his NME and Melody Maker "Single of the Week", Guess I'm Dumb, an obscure gem written by Brian Wilson and Russ Teitleman for Glenn Campbell. Perfume is actually a first attempt at recording Like Any Other (later re-recorded for the Delta Kiss album); the original vocal version is unfortunately lost, as is the master tape to the Elephant Sessions, which included songs like Take a Boat To China and a first attempt at A Vision, a far superior version to the one that made it on Yuri Gagarin.

Featured Musicians: Louis Philippe (lead vocals); Anthony Adverse & Martyn Bates (additional vocals); Chris Batchelor (trumpets); Clive Bell (accordian, flutes, shakuhachi); Glenn Fox (drums); Adrian Lee (guitar); Daniel Manners (bass); Dean Speedwell (bassoon, keys); Mark Trewin (trombone, cello)

Production: Produced by Louis Philippe; arranged by Dean Brodrick.

Listen to/download Guess I'm Dumb from this album

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