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Algebra Spaghetti - Siesta/Reverie Siesta 70
algebra spaghetti cover image Track list: Mild Euphoria - Algebra Spaghetti */Sunshine day - Sunshine Day/Monday Sinclair - 1910 Cotton Candy Castle/Maria Napoleon - Mandalay Cow/Today's Pop Symphony - Marnie/Sunshine Day - Rupert The Bear/Today's Pop Symphony - Rupert's Dream */Maria Napoleon - Estridentistas/Monday Sinclair - Jelly Jungle Of Orange Marmelade/Today's Pop Symphony - Toytown Cocktail Jazz */Sunshine Day - Sandcastles */Sunshine Day - Different/Monday Sinclair - 1910 Cotton Candy Castle (slight return)/Lollipop Train - Pussycat Balance

A children's fantasypop album produced by Richard Preston & Louis Philippe.

All the tracks marked * were written by Louis.

The recording sessions took place at the Sound Suite, Camden, and the mix was supervised by Richard Preston. Louis arranged all selections except 4, 8 (Momus) and 14 (Simon Turner) - and actually played all the instruments on the record - with the exception of the drums, hit to great effect by a new-ish "regular", Mr. Andy Lymn of Nottingham, who was also called to perform on two later projects masterminded by Mike Alway and chaperoned by Louis and Richard...Namely, Loveletter - the great psychedlic comeback of none other than the King of Luxemburg in another guise - and Zap the World, a compilation album which drew most of its material and/or inspiration from sixties and seventies movies such as Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and Orson Welles' F For Fake. Both albums had been commissioned by Shoichi Kajino of l'Appareil Photo, who has promised to release the results before the year is over...Pour Louis completists, Zap will be of particular interest, since this compilation includes 4 compositions written specifically for this project.

The follow up to this album - Simultaneous Ice Cream - can be found here.

Listen to/download the title track.

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